About Us

At Avant Garde Chess Academy, we strive to improve and advance chess players to international standards of excellence. We offer a wide range of chess services including live video training like real-time chess board and an interactive interface with top notch coaches. We only deliver highest quality of coaches and lessons that are approved by our Grand Master panel for competitive chess player to advance and progressively excel. From beginners to advanced level, Avant Garde Chess Academy allows students to get quality training and expert advice at any time.

We understand the lack of guidance and the hustle of trial and error methods at young age when training to be chess player. We went through the same. As a solution to overcome past obstacles we faced, we provide high-level online chess training. We believe that every individual, young or old, should excel in chess and given a chance to chase their dreams.

Here at Avant Garde Chess Academy, we provide the chess community a solution, and an alternative lacking in the entire Malaysia. Avant Garde Chess Academy offers a standardised and proven training method for competitive chess players by quality coaches available throughout the training. Unlike many chess trainers and coaches in Malaysia, our modules come with integrated syllabus and techniques approved by a panel of coaches led by a Grand Master and known for success in international chess competitions.

Besides, our wide ranges of lessons are designed to specifically enhance each student’s level of knowledge to progressively reach the next level. Our services are extremely affordable and value for your money. We believe in every talent should have an opportunity to reach their potential. Choosing our services is the one of the best decision you will make.

Meet The Team

GM Srinath Narayanan

GM Srinath Narayanan

Co-founder and Head of Trainer
Peak FIDE Rating: 2505

Srinath Narayanan is a former child prodigy from India. He was the youngest FIDE rated player in India at the age of 8 with a FIDE Rating of 2088 and became the World Champion U-12 (2005) in Belfort, France. At the age of 14, he achieved International Master title but faced extreme challenges in the next 9 years where he could not achieve Grandmaster title despite completing 5 GM-Norms in various international tournaments. In 2017, he managed to become India’s 46th Grand Master. He is currently a full-time professional chess player, and coaches advance students during his free time.

FM Lim Zhuo-Ren

FM Lim Zhuo-Ren

Peak FIDE Rating: 2276

Lim Zhuo-Ren began competitive chess at the age of 12 and became Under-14 and Under-16 National Age-Group Champion 3 years in a row. He went on to be the National Champion in 2011 with a phenomenal score of 8/9. This allowed him to gain a place in the Men’s Team to the Olympiad in 2012, Turkey. At Olympiad 2012, he achieved his 1st International Master (IM) Norm and the title of Fide Master (FM). After completing his studies in United Kingdom (UK), he achieved his 2nd IM Norm at the Millionaire Chess Open 2016 in USA. He is currently seeking his 3rd IM Norm and is a part-time coach.

Kaushal Khandhar

Kaushal Khandhar

Peak FIDE Rating: 2035

Kaushal Khandhar had late entry to competitive chess at the age of 12. Within 3 years of hard work in to improve himself in Chess, he managed to become the State Level Champion for Under-15 and followed by consecutively being top from 2005 – 2007 in State Level competitions (MSSKL) for Under-18. He has represented Malaysia in various International tournaments in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia and other parts of the globe and is currently a full-time chess coach and has over 40 students around Malaysia and Singapore.

Our Services


Group Sessions

Intake-based learning with a good coach to student ratio


Interactive Classroom Environment

Live sessions with video and chat functions to interact with coaches


Quality Coaches

Experienced coaches with good track record



Value for your money


Proven Methods

Syllabus endorsed by Grandmasters (GM)


1 on 1 Private Coaching

Tailored syllabus to meet student’s learning needs

Course benefits


Structured Syllabus

All our topics are hand-picked by our Master panel to ensure our students’ strong foundation


Professional and Quality Coaches

Only coaches with proven track-record are accepted in our academy


Live and Interactive

Our training method are fully interactive which allows student to ask a question while they watch live video of our coach with a training board


Enhanced Learning in Classroom Environment

We only allow a narrow range of students into our classroom ensuring all our student will be on the same level


Monitoring Students’ Progression

Our coaches monitor all student’s progression throughout the intake


Building Mentorship

Our trainers will be available for advise even after the intake has completed


* Terms & Conditions Apply

Plans Built For Every One

Beginner I

RM 80 /month*

Tailored for 1400 - 1600

  • 4 months per intake
  • 1 class per week
  • 16 classes in total

*RM 320 per intake

Intermediate I

RM 100 /month*

Tailored for 1600 - 1800

  • 4 months per intake
  • 1 class per week
  • 16 classes in total

*RM 400 per intake

Advanced I

RM 120 /month*

Tailored for 1800 - 2000

  • 4 months per intake
  • 1 class per week
  • 16 classes in total

*RM 480 per intake

Intake begins October 2017


Everything you need to know before you get started

* What do we do?

We provide online chess coaching to players from beginner to advanced level. Our core principle is to allow every chess player to receive quality training at affordable rates. We achieve this by providing live and interactive sessions for individuals and groups in our module based programme. Each programme is four (4) months long, with a session every week for a total of 16 sessions.

* Who are we/what are our credentials?

Our team is made up of professional coaches with varying degrees of chess coaching experience, and have participated in national and international level competitions with success.

* How does your training method vary from other coaches in Malaysia?

Our programmes are specially designed for our students by our head trainer, GM Srinath Narayanan. Our syllabus is a proven method and it is successfully adopted by many chess experts. Each of our programmes are made to specifically enhance our students’ chess knowledge in order for them to progress to the next level.

* How does the online training work?

All our students will be provided with a unique student ID and password. It allows you to sign in to your virtual learning space, where you will be informed of your scheduled sessions. Each session will be live, with a chess board, video, and chat. It will be also be interactive, meaning, at any time during the session you can ask a questions to your coach and he will answer you immediately.

* Can we contact the coaches at other times apart from schedule sessions?

Yes, each student will be able to private message their coach for any questions or advice.

* What if we miss a group class?

All group classes online will be recorded and will be made available to you on your student space.

* How do we sign up for a group class?

You can sign up by registering your details on our page, and once you have made the payment. We will generate a unique student ID and password for you, which will be sent to your email. The student ID will enable you to access your learning space and training sessions.